Green Capitol® is an elite boutique consulting firm in Washington, specializing in developing and implementing innovative strategies and policy solutions for clients across the entire renewable energy, bioproduct, environmental and agricultural spectrum. More than just a lobbying firm, we at Green Capitol work with our clients to identify and leverage their unique strengths and characteristics and to craft advocacy strategies that positively and effectively influence public policy.

The principals at Green Capitol work in a focused, hands-on manner that fully utilizes our extensive in-house expertise. We also have a highly experienced team of collaborators that we can call upon to help address clients’ specific needs, extending our reach to nearly any green issue of importance. Green Capitol is a full-service firm that can assist clients with the following:


Developing policy objectives that meet organizational goals is frequently a challenging task. Developing them in a form that can be successfully implemented in a particular political climate is often even more difficult. We at Green Capitol assist clients in developing legislation, regulations and strategies that meet the organization’s needs and specific policy goals while taking into account the prevailing atmosphere in Washington. We have a very strong legislative and regulatory track record and use our expertise and determination daily to enable clients to accomplish their objectives.


Understanding the impacts government policies have on your business or organizational goals – and the manner in which they can be influenced – is critical to your success and to ours. Having led efforts to formulate, enact and implement initiatives that promote clean, renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly policies at all levels of government, Green Capitol principals have the knowledge and expertise to translate our clients’ policy priorities into tangible, impactful organizational success. To accomplish this we assist clients in a host of ways, including by developing thought papers, devising issues-based campaigns and advising on the many aspects of clients’ overall public affairs strategy.

Issue Advocacy

Our core mission at Green Capitol is to effectively identify and collaborate with key policymakers at all levels and branches of government to ensure our clients are clearly heard by the right people, at the right time, and their priorities are given full consideration. This is the best method for maximizing our clients’ chances of successfully achieving their goals. We have bipartisan relationships throughout the government that enable us to collaborate with key Members of Congress and their staffs on the issues of importance to our clients. All members of the firm know the inner workings of Washington and have extensive Capitol Hill work experience. We also work closely with federal, regional and state agencies, the private sector and non-governmental organizations to ensure clients’ priorities are positioned for the greatest possibility of success.

In addition to direct government outreach, successful advocacy often includes coalition building. By joining together with like-minded organizations and individuals, including those in the private sector, public entities, academia, associations and non-profits, we at Green Capitol put our clients in the best possible position for success. We do this by recognizing the key interest groups on any issue, and understanding that no entity will always be an opponent – or an ally. Coalition-building sometimes makes strange bedfellows. As in all areas of our practice, we are nimble, creative, aggressive and realistic in this respect. Given our extensive experience in this area, and our myriad contacts throughout Washington and around the country, we can identify, court and engage like-minded groups to build support for the right policies. Finally, we also can help with free and earned media strategies to garner or bolster public and grassroots support.

Funding Streams and Grant Writing

We’ve successfully navigated complex government agency bureaucracies and programs to win funding for clients directly or through competitively awarded grants or loans. Winning funding for the most recent farm bill’s suite of clean energy title programs is just one of many positive outcomes. The difference between us and many others is that we know the programs and the politics. In some cases we wrote the programs into law, e.g., REAP.