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Welcome to Green Capitol®, a professional consultancy that specializes in delivering innovative and effective solutions to complex renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment, agriculture, public health, and sustainability challenges across the political and policy spectrum.  Green Capitol assists clients in all aspects of public policy advocacy, communications and outreach to ensure that they meet their strategic goals.

Green Capitol establishes relationships in a focused, hands-on way and retains highly experienced team members to address every client's unique circumstances, extending its influence to nearly any “green” policy issue of importance.

Green Capitol also works at the state and local levels as well, managing advocacy campaigns with partners on the ground across the country.  Clients get a very experienced DC-based team that leverages its networks here in the capital to advantage its clients at the state level as well.  Lloyd Ritter was formerly a highly successful organizer and advocate, specializing in state-based campaigns.  He specialized in devising customized, effective strategies , building a team to implement the strategy, creating coalitions, and successfully effectuating change.  If we don’t have the relationships necessary to help ensure success we bring locals on that do.  If you have a need for State work, or State and Federal support, look no further.


World's Top Banks Ill-Prepared for Climate Risk-Industry Report
LONDON — The world's biggest banks are ill-prepared for the effects of climate change and lenders are making insufficient effort to fund a transition to a low-carbon economy, an industry report said on Thursday. Of the world's 10 largest banks, only Bank of China and Citigroup were among the top 10 ranked for climate management in a report by investment manager Boston Common Asset Management.

The U.S. needs a solar energy revolution. But it’s laying off solar energy researchers
On Monday, Oct. 5, Stuart Farrell had planned to take the morning off from his job as a researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colo., after being awake all night taking care of his sick 2-year-old son. But at 10:30 a.m., he received a call asking him to come in for an 11:30 meeting.

Clean energy growth is ‘off track’ to avert climate change, says energy agency
First the good news: In a new report on the near term future of the global renewable energy industry, the International Energy Agency is projecting impressive growth. Renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydropower should constitute nearly two-thirds of new net power capacity brought online across the globe between now and 2020. That’s equivalent to 700 gigawatts of new capacity or “more than twice Japan’s current installed power capacity,” according to the IEA.